Micro and nano fabrication

    In the frame of Tech4Bio multidisciplinary group, a strong experience in micro and nanofabrication is available along with two fully equipped clean rooms in the Rome area.

    Micro (nano) fabrication is a process used to construct physical objects with dimensions in the micro (nano) meter to millimeter range and takes advantage of established semiconductor fabrication processes, with the possibility to parallelize the production and downsize costs down  to few cent per devices, plus specially developed techniques to reach wider applications.

    Example of micro (nano) fabricated devices span from devices including moving parts, such as cantilevers, to static structures such as flow channels and wells, chemically sensitive surfaces like functionalized nanostructured surfaces, and electrical and photonic devices such as transistors or waveguides, also integrated with other device on the same chip. 

    In particular micro and nanofabrication can realize tools for molecular biology and biochemistry, for cell biology, medicine, and biosensors. 



    Two state of the  art  microfabrication facility  fully  equipped for thin film  technologies and for soft lithography techniques:

    250 mq of clean rooms (150 mq ISO 5 and 100mq ISO 6) + metri quadri della clean room IMM

    Electron beam lithography system Vistec EBPG 5HR, working at 100 kV .with resolution of 20 nm. 

    EV-420 double-face contact mask-aligner for Optical Lithography

    Karl Suss Mask Aligner for Optical Lithography ??

    Reactive  Ion Etching systems based of fluorine  (CF 4,  CHF 3 ,  SF 6 . , O 2 ,, Ar) to etch silicon and composite

    Reactive  Ion  Etching  system  based  of  clorine  (Cl 2 ,  BrCl,  O 2 .,  Ar)  to  etch  III-V  materials  and metal.

    Electroplating systems for Au and Ni

    E-gun and thermal evaporation systems for metals and dielectric materials

    ECR-PECVD system for the deposition of Si composites.

    Rf Sputtering systems for deposition of metals and dieletric materials

    Nanoimprint press

    Rf- sputtering for the deposition of dielectric materials

    Tubular ovens (max T = 1200°C)

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