Tech4Bio is a strongly multidisciplinary group, which draws strength from joining skills and technologies, supported and diversified by a wide range of complementary instrumentation. As regards the characterization of samples at the micro and nanoscale, tech4Bio provides competences and a comprehensive set of tools able to investigate the optical, electrical, mechanical, structural and functional properties of samples and devices. In the CNR laboratories, it is possible to have access to spectroscopy and diffrattometry facilities, investigating samples’ properties based on the absorption, scattering, reflectance and diffraction in the X, UV, Visible and Infrared ranges. Advanced microscopy facilities are available enabling the investigation on the microscale of material properties by conventional methods (e.g. by hardness tester) or the coupling of samples properties (e.g. conductivity, friction, nano-mechanical properties, adhesion, magnetic domains, local temperature etc) with their morphology through scanning probe microscopies. Further microscopy analysis on the nanoscale or on even smaller scales are available by using electron and ion scanning and transmission microscopy.

    The group develops sensors based on piezoelectric and acoustic effects, realizes microfluidic and electrochemical devices, and is able to realize innovative diagnostic and analytical solutions based on the specific dimensional and functional requirements.

    Elaborate data analysis is also possible at LCD (laboratory of distributed computing) of IAPS - INAF, which uses a series of computing facilities including: GPU (graphics processor), parallel system in cluster of CPU, and computing systems in BLADE technolog: SGI UV2000 (currently is with 160 CPU and about 1 TB of RAM). The computational power and the storage of laboratory permit to conduct statistical analysis, modeling and simulations using a large number of software tools.



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