Tissue engegneering


Tissue Engineering is a very rapidly growing and extremely interdisciplinary research field, which requires combination of background competences in different disciplines, including materials science, materials engineering, biophysics  and technology of living systems. The major scope of TE is to develop bio-substitutes of natural tissues, which restore, maintain and improve the function of damaged tissue. This is often pursued through approaches that deeply couple the selected bio-system with a technological constructs designed, engineered and optimized in order to produce the best environment for cell growth, differentiation and tissue-building. In a successful TE product the importance of the non-biological matrix, in term of material chemical-physical properties, topology and morphology is matched with a thorough understanding and monitoring of the behaviour of the involved bio-system.

Tech4Bio group, supported by external collaborations, is fruitfully working in this field, proposing new products and improving already existing biomaterials. Examples are various types of bio-stimulating films, scaffolds, substrates, supports and platforms to be used for hosting different cell lines and, subsequently, for various tissues regeneration. The most advanced materials are studied for this purpose, including bioactive functional glasses, carbon nanotubes, titanium-based bioactive coating and graphene based materials. The activities span from materials design to realization of a scaffold/support satisfying all the required characteristics in terms of microstructure and mechanical properties, able to reproduce the composition and architecture of damaged tissue.